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Henri Bendel, a luxury goods retailer who opened its doors in West Haven in the late 1970s and early 1980s, is closing its stores. CEO of Columbus, Ohio-based L Brands Inc., said the deal will allow the company to focus on larger brands with more growth potential.

The developer, Haven Group LLC, has not yet set a date for when construction of the retail center will begin. Plans for the project currently envisage opening in June 2020, Messore said. To find the nearest smoking shop, check out the West Haven Smoking Shops to find out which PuffCity stores are open at this time.

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Clothes and other household items are also offered to individuals through social services agencies in New Haven, such as Newhaven County, Connecticut, and the West Haven Community Center.

Route 34, also known as Derby Avenue, runs through West Haven from Orange to New Haven, and Route 34 in the Southwest is bounded by the West River, which separates West Hartford, Orange, New York City and Connecticut. The avenue begins at the intersection of Derby and Derby avenues, which consist of a number of shops, restaurants, shops and other shops along the east side of the river. Westhaven has a population of about 2,000, of which about 1,500 inhabitants and about 500 businesses.

Route 162, which begins and ends at Route 1, starts in Orange, passes through West Haven, ends in Milford and begins and ends in New Haven. The 265S line runs from Savin Rock to Second Avenue, the 265R line runs to Jones Hill Road and on to Saw Mill Road, then on to the east side of the city. Route 268, which serves the South End of East Haven, Old Town and North End, runs from South Haven to West Hartford and serves the West Haven Center, while Route 268 runs along the East Side of South Street, from East End to South Side.

The New Haven-West Haven border is about two miles from downtown, and the nearest facility to West Hartford is Hartford - East Haven International Airport, about two miles south of downtown. The nearest facilities that offer air services in and out West Haven includes Hartford Airport in Hartford, Hartford International Airport in New York City and Hartford Regional Airport.

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