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Alexander H. Marathas "Smyrna Group presented an informal preliminary presentation to the City Council's redevelopment committee in November. The developer unveiled plans for a $1.5 million, 1,000-square-foot restaurant and retail development on the site of a former grocery store, and received high praise from the mayor and city council members, and the development has been a great success with residents and business owners alike.

At the November meeting, council members were excited about the prospect of development, but had numerous questions for Marathas and his team.

Several council members raised concerns about a luxury outdoor shopping center and amusement park on the city's outskirts where it is to be built, a plan that has been in the works for more than five years and is taking hurdle after hurdle with regulatory obstacles, money and now a pandemic. As a result, residents of this city, which is set to become a shopping mall, entertainment complex and other high-end retail and office buildings, have expressed concerns about devastation, safety and problems.

Asked if it was possible to have an underground car park so close to the beach, Marathas said it was feasible, but he did not know for sure. Lee Tiernan, a city consultant, said this could happen because it is a simple project, funding is not a problem and there are no major environmental concerns.

Chrystal Fanelli, the 8th District councilwoman, said the plan looks amazing and she hopes it will be approved, but she doesn't want any attacks in Haven. Instead, she took the opportunity to say that the city needs more to keep tax increases in check. She said she would rather sell the property to a private developer, such as a property developer or a developer with a business plan.

The restaurants should complement each other and be designed for the life of COVID 19. If the plan goes through, preliminary plans foresee two restaurants, one on the ground floor and one above, the latter being possible in the water, depending on feasibility. In order for it to become a reality, Marathas said, there would have to be enough space to build to keep the view of the beach open to the residents.

Marathas said part of the plan was to include a museum and boutique in the area so he could sell merchandise to raise money. He said that the inhabitants were sensitive to the issue and that he understood the importance of this community, but he was told that he could not mention the museum because he was on the other side of a community meeting. Third District councillor Elizabeth Johnston said: "I'm delighted with that," and asked if the Westie mindset was right. The museum is being considered as a possible site for a new museum, public art gallery or even a restaurant.

He said he was excited to redesign and redesign the area and believes the project will serve as a catalyst for the redevelopment of Beach Street, where the West Haven Museum of Art and New Haven Public Library are located.

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