West Haven Connecticut Nightlife

The coastal town of New Haven, Connecticut, which is located on Long Island Sound, has a lively gay scene centred around Yale University. It is also a great theatre city with many shows, but it is steeped in history and has such a strong arts and cultural scene.

There are also country and western dance classes several nights a week and even live music to add a little fun and variety to every night in the city. Partner Cafe is also open on weekends if you want to relax after a dance party in the middle of the week or just for one night.

The Brass Rail provides a fun atmosphere with frequent events such as mask balls and drag shows where you can stay overnight. Grab your high heels, put on your favorite top and head to one of the many bars and restaurants along Main Street in West Haven. It's a lively place and you'll have a great time cruising through the big names of Main Street and getting a good view of the city and its surroundings.

The restaurant has a sister location in Honolulu and both have great vegetable dishes, but they are roughly similar. From macs and cheese to crispy wings, the kitchen offers a variety of twists that will surely please. Typical dishes include chicken, pork, beef, lamb, turkey, chicken and pork ribs, as well as pork chops. There are many choices, whether it's chicken belly or pork belly, steak or chicken breast or even one or two burgers.

The kitchen also offers much to love, such as mac 'n' cheese, mac and cheese and a variety of salads. The patio is covered with vines, so you can feel like a snack on the way, with a glass of wine or beer on the terrace.

Better still, it's one of the best bars in town, and it's also grilled with some of our best restaurants in Middletown. Japanese food and inventive sushi, including sushi rolls, kimchi, sashimi and a host of other dishes, New Haven has it all. If the pitchers are empty and the game is over, you can keep the wings until the end of time.

The Shrine at Foxwoods Resort & Casino is a local institution and a popular place to spend the night, with its frequent events and musical talent. Toad's Place is popular with music lovers and dance aficionados; the highly regarded live music venue and dance club recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

A trendy crowd meets at 203 - 495 - 8924, 254 Crown Street, and it's gay all night and on Saturday - friendly. Just opposite is the large dance hall, which is gay-friendly and gay on Saturdays and Sundays.

Quince Campbell, from New Haven, says he often visits friends who live opposite the club. As a favourite among locals, the cosy atmosphere at Keagan's for an evening with friends is hard to beat. If you know the area around the corner, 203 - 495 - 8924, 254 Crown Street, you will find a lively crowd all night long.

There are complaints to the city's health department against companies that do not comply with the governor's guidelines. Here, the police receive complaints about too close to the pub, noise and parking problems. In Fairfield County, the city's health department also conducts regular inspections of local businesses, according to Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling.

Governor Ned Lamont said he was not aware of any other company or facility that had been closed for failing to comply with safety or security measures. His office does not have the authority to close a store, he said, but the matter is being handled by the state Department of Labor and Middletown police. Those making the decision must also consider venues like the FTC, which typically performs about 400 shows a year, and their long history of safety issues.

If you're looking for a cold brew and a good time, these five tips are some of our favorites, but you can also check out our list of the best bars and restaurants in Hartford available at the Afford - A - Bail and Bails & Bonds locations in West Haven and Middletown. Also check out what we found for those who look a little lighter, and our five favorite bars in the Hartford area.

With so many options, you could spend a whole weekend exploring Middletown's nightlife, scratching the surface. Options range from dive bars to upscale wine bars, ensuring the perfect choice for any budget or group.

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More About West Haven