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Westerners should be able to celebrate the centenary of the city joyfully in 2021, not with controversy, but first. The city issued a press release marking the centenary, including a logo it commissioned this week in a video for the anniversary event. Rossi said the logo will be accompanied by a newly inked city seal that will use the same color scheme as the current West Haven logo through 2021. This circular logo is framed by the words "Celebrate the Past" and "Inspire the Future" in red, white and blue, with "West Haven" in the middle.

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West Haven, which was listed in 1961 as Connecticut's youngest city, is also one of the state's oldest communities. West Farms became a separate community of West Haven in 1921, following a petition by the General Assembly of the States. The community merged with North Milford to form the city of Orange before it split from Orange in 1922 and became a city in its own right, according to a city statement. Cummings said her group had created a 10-week calendar of events to celebrate the decades since the community was founded, culminating in a parade, fireworks, music and food that focused on the city's future.

After Conn. Sec. Tiernan, the state gives the city of West Haven the right to use her name, she said, under the Connecticut Code of State Law, but not the name of a corporation, Tierannan said. Rossi's letter claims that the unauthorized use of the company's name has created confusion in the community about its history and status as a city. Cummings' letter states: "The city has used our name and organization unauthorized. If we do not remove this name within two days, we will take appropriate legal action and our group will pursue all available remedies and compensation, "Cummings said in a letter.

He said Cummings' group, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, will collect donations to fund centennial activities, and that it would be confusing if there were a committee with the same name. Tiernan said, however, that the donation aspect was not a problem because the city would always redirect the planned donations.

Cummings said the creation of the Citizens Committee had been accelerated by the long-running annual Savin Rock Festival and centenary.

Rossi had wanted to host the festival again this year, but the pandemic took that possibility off the table. Rossi had previously said in a statement that the city committee would organize three consecutive weekends for the Savin Rock Festival starting June 24, 2021.

He said the plan includes more festivities to honor West Haven's rich and diverse heritage. In July this year, Jackson, a librarian at Yale Law School, organized a similar rally in Matos, Hamden. The event was led by a group of students from the Yale School of Public Policy and the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Connecticut.

The group plans festive events throughout the year, but the type of events depends on who you are. Local officials and community organizers will gather for a rally to increase voter engagement and participation in the city. Speakers from the Yale School of Public Policy and the College of Arts and Sciences, as well as representatives from West Haven, Hamden and Matos, will attend the rally. To liven up the audience, a live band will perform to "Hallelujah." Health guidelines for coronavirus pandemics are in place, "it said in a press release.

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