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The West Haven Promenade is one of those rare places where people of all backgrounds actually spend time together. It is a place full of people from all walks of life, from young to old, from rich to poor and everyone in between.

In New Haven, the Peabody Museum of Natural History has the largest collection of sabre-toothed tigers in the United States and one of the largest collections of tiger bones in the world. There are many other museums and galleries in West Haven that are found in most New England cities, but it is architecturally significant to be located at 38 Church Street, where the building is outstanding in its architecture and design. It is a great example of a modern modernist building with a strong sense of history and heritage.

Route 34, also known as Derby Avenue, runs through West Haven from Orange to New Haven. The avenue begins at the intersection of Derby Street and Route 34 and begins to be one of the most scenic routes in the state of Connecticut. In the Southwest, it is bordered by the West River, which separates West Hartford, the city of Hartford and the city of Orange, and in the North and South by West Bridge Street, an important outlet. The River Greenway of Sue Grossman is less than two miles away and is fortified by the towns of Winchester in the north, Torrington in the south and Hartford in the east.

Most of these attractions are accessible by visiting the West Haven Center, which serves as the center of the state's largest and most popular tourist attraction in the city. Guests will appreciate the variety of attractions and amenities in the center, as well as its proximity to downtown Hartford.

Staying at a hotel will also make your trip easier whether you are in West Haven, Hartford, New Haven or other parts of the state when booking today. Over the years, Yale-New Haven Hospital and others have depended on tourism revenues generated by visitors to their hospitals and medical facilities.

Plants of New Haven offers ghost tours that cause fear and excitement throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, Massachusetts and more. If you're young and old, visit a Pez and enjoy the Connecticut River view from the Pez Tree House in West Haven (view full profile). Places to spook in Connecticut that could give you creepy crawlies in the woods, and places to haunt. The Ghosts of New Haven offer a ghost tour that scare, frighten, excite and frighten you everywhere. So expect the A and B.

It's going to be a long hike, but beware in West Haven, where the data show it's better than in New Haven, New York City and New Jersey.

The city is a great option for students, families and commuters, as West Haven is home to the University of Connecticut, Yale University and Yale School of Public Health. If you're traveling to New Haven, be wary of Boston Post Road, which includes countless restaurants, shopping and entertainment options.

The West Haven train station is less than a mile from your hotel, so you can easily move around the city, and there is a flight service to and from New Haven that is nearby - through facilities. There are many parks to choose from, such as Lighthouse Point Park, where you can take a walk and have a sweeping view of the Southwest Ledge lights. This is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of New York City, as there are plenty of parking options, some of which are much closer to the station than the nearest facilities that offer air and air service to West Haven.

Conveniently located on Post Road in Milford, this location offers a variety of restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants in the area, as well as plenty of parking.

West Haven is a small town with a population of about 3,000 people, and it is located within the border between New Haven and West Haven. It is the second largest city in Connecticut, after New York City and the third largest in the country.

Old Saybrook is often shrouded in fog, and the lighthouse was built to direct shipping traffic from the fishing and whaling industries to a dangerous rock formation about a mile off the coast that enters the port of New Haven, called Southwest Ledge. It was also built in the late 19th century as part of the Long Island Sound Lighthouse Project to guide ships from Long Island Sound.

Mohansic Trailway is a railroad track that offers scenic views of Old Saybrook, Old Haven and the New Haven River.

Starting on Church Street west of Christ Church and extending to Savin Avenue on the corner on the west side of the Green, it is comfortably furnished. The footpath stretches for about a mile, past the Chick Drive Inn, where people on Long Island Sound whiz by. This new building, built in 1943, is built in a balanced, mass style, and there is plenty of space between it and the other buildings in the area. It is balanced in size and style with a large open space and a small parking space for cars.

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More About West Haven