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At a time when the core subjects are receiving more attention in the classroom, the West Haven Public School District has made a concerted effort to emphasize the importance of art in its curriculum. Teachers and administrators are proud of the response to the expanded art curriculum, as well as parents and community members who recognize the many talents of students in this area. Gone are the days when art school meant learning new songs on a recorder or experimenting with Cray - pas, color and construction paper.

Principal Neil C. Cavallaro said the new show was a great way to support students' growing interest in theater and give more children the chance to get involved. The support we have received from the school community has been overwhelming and we have so many other students that we have forgotten to involve them.

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Our teachers come from the best professions and are trained according to the creative requirements of their subject. The degree programme includes studies dealing with painting, drawing, sculpture and other arts and natural sciences as well as art history.

This area of rich linguistic expression lends depth through the use of visual symbols. The wide range of expressions in this field extends the scope of creativity, especially for artists who are sensitive to the world around them. These fields include art history, art and natural sciences, art theory and philosophy, and the study of human nature.

It is important to help students recognize their passion for art, music or theater at a young age so that they understand the myriad opportunities that await them at WHHS. Career - Students with a strong career profile can pursue a wide range of careers in the fields of art, music or theatre, as well as science, technology, technology and mathematics (STEM). Those who are willing to take on new and rigorous challenges can acquire the skills necessary to find a place in a productive stream of professional art.

This commitment to perception is crucial for the development of contemporary artists and is at the core of the university's educational approach. This perspective contributes to a strong understanding of art, music and theatre, as well as the importance of perception and perception as a learning tool.

The college continues to offer a wide range of arts programs to its students, from music and dance to theater and music education. The program has undergone a kind of renaissance in recent years, as it has been added and upgraded along the way. The Fine Arts Festival is packed from the first minute and almost every seat is filled at the school's performances and concerts, "says Dr. John D'Agostino, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Students even said that the show had changed their minds about opera and that they hope to see more of it at the school in the future. Later, middle school students joined the Carrigan Drama Club, which still exists today and has received rave reviews from students, teachers, parents and even students at other schools in West Haven. The Carrigan Drama Club has enjoyed great popularity in recent years, with over 1,000 members in its first year of operation.

It is part of a school system that involves students in interactive shows that break down beats and notes to show youngsters what is in the composition of a piece of music. The opera is integrated into student art projects and corresponds to the literature taught. Speaking of music lessons, Carrigan and Bailey are now also incorporating opera into their art classes.

The teach-out in Whitney led to the school changing its name to Paier School of Art. Meanwhile, Carrigan is holding a sketch written by three of her teachers. The Savin Rock Conference Center is participating in the West Haven Art Festival, a three-day festival of art, music and dance.

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